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Church Signs

Do you need a church sign, but aren't quite sure what you need for your church? Golden Rule Signs can help you decide which type of sign would be best for your new church sign.

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Church Sign Packages

We can help you put together the perfect church sign package for your church. Golden Rule Signs can help you put together the perfect package for your new church sign.

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LED Church Signs

We keep an inventory of LED church signs on hand. Pick out a new church sign for your existing pole, monument or wall!

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Church Sign DisplayChurch Signs

Church signs are a great way to deliver new information to not only church members but the community at large.

After purchasing a new LED church sign, with proper use you can expect an increase in church involvement and community awareness by announcing events, sports events, fund raising and more.  Provide your congregation with up to date information by scheduling messages on your LED church sign up to 5 years in advance. Announce Baptisms, weddings, Bible Study schedules and elder/deacon meetings.  Increase the overall appearance of your church campus with a new digital LED church sign.

About Church Signs by Golden Rule Signs

Our LED church signs allow you, or multiple users on your network to schedule messages by date and time up to 5 years in advance.

We offer monument style church signs (low to the ground) and freestanding plyon church signs as well as wall mountable church signs.  We stock monochrome, grayscale and even affordable full color LED church signs which reduces our lead time for stock items.

You don’t have to go outside in inclement weather to change your church sign.  Everything is programmed from the comfort of your office using our PC based software and secure wireless communication system.

Types of Church Signs

Full Color Church Signs

Full Color Church Signs

Full color LED church signs combine red, green and blue LED’s to produce incredibly accurate and lifelike pictures and video as well as literally any color of text. Our full color LED signs are able to show video at 60 frames per second.

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Full Color LED Church Signs

Grayscale Church Signs

Grayscale Church Sign Example

Grayscale church signs are single color signs with the ability to produce 256 shades of color. What does this mean for you? You can still show 60 frame per second video clips, animations and text.

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Grayscale LED Church Signs

Monochrome Church Signs

Monochrome literally means “single color”. These church signs are designed for basic text, backgrounds and animations. Create multiple lines of text, store messages up to 5 years in advance, display time/temperature and much more!

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Monochrome LED Church Signs

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Single color text and basic animations.

256 shades of a single color displaying text, pictures and video

True color pictures, video and text.